Channel Missionary Telegram Bot

Do you want increase your real members of your Telegram channel? This bot help you to get this...

Channel Missionary Bot is a telegram professional bot that help you to achievement more members for your channel.

If you are a Telegram Channel's admin, you need to a tool for management some issues in your channel, like make subtitle for your gif and videos, adding photo to long text that is more than 200 characters, combine some effects with your photos or adding inline buttons under your posts, Telegram Channel Missionary Bot has powefull tools to get this features.

But main mission in this telegram bot is increase your members!

Increase telegram channel members

Let's get acquainted with the functioning of the bot system, when you and others register a channel by that Advertising, Your telegram channel ad will be shown on other channels with peer to peer mode,This means that in each exchange timeslot, your ad will be shown on another channel, and another channel's ad will be shown in your channel, in the next timeslot, your ad will be shown in new channel and new another channel's add will be shown in your channel.
this cycle continues until you put your ad across all channels in group.
After the end of the cycle will be repeated Advertising in the group.

If members of your channel was more than up to your group you must remove your channel and add again by new member data, this is because you have your ads in a higher group when appropriate.
Groups based on the number of members:
1 To 20 members
21 To 100 members
101 To 300 members
301 To 500 members
501 To 800 members
801 To 1000 members
1K+1 To 2K members
2K+1 To 4K members
4K+1 To 7K members
7K+1 To 10K members
10K+1 To 30K members
30K+1 To 60K members
60K+1 To 100K members
100K+1 To 200K members
200K+1 To 300K members
300K+1 To 400K members
400K+1 To 500K members

As you see design groups in a way that by increase your members, you have a chance to participate in a larger group.

You're four steps to get started:
1. Add your Channel by 'Add Channel' button.
2. insert your ad by 'Add Adverisment' button.
3. Choose your timeslots by pressing 'ShowTimes' button.
4. Start refereeing other channels and wait for others referee your channel.

if you need to help, at the time that bot has hang, type /restart or /menu please.

Note: ** Massive propaganda, it causes escape your members, so don't use of same bots in your telegram channel at the same time!
Accordingly, we will not have more than two ads at each timeslot, so the way is open for you to climb!

You can participate in the development of other languages:
Good luck to you
@tabadol_kanal_bot (Version: 4.01.03)



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